Our approach to finding YOU the best buy-to-let investment properties


e work for you and NOT the seller consequently we are always seeking to negotiate the very best prices on your behalf.

Our focus to find high-income buy-to-let properties in major UK cities which offer excellent growth potential. In particular, we’re looking for future ‘property hotspots’ we look to ‘get in’ before prices go up.

Research is key to what we do. When we choose a property we look at an extensive list of over 80 factors that affect a property’s value. Here are just some of the many things we consider on your behalf:

  • What is the state of the local market (and what factors have affected it in the past)?
  • What do the property agents in the area have to say?
  • Have any developers invested in the area (for instance by purchasing land to build on or perhaps a tired building in need of refurbishment)?
  • Are there signs of imminent regeneration?
  • How are the surrounding towns and postcodes performing? Will there be a ripple effect?
  • What schools, colleges and universities are in the area? Will proximity to these attract a rental premium?
  • How long do the properties in that postcode stay on the market for before they are sold? Is demand strong?
  • How good are the local commuter links. Are there plans for new transport stations or perhaps modernisation of existing stations?

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